NEW2 aberturas_cocaNEW2 aberturas_coca


Coca Cola, the official sponsor of the Confederation Cup and FIFA World Cup 2014, wanted to promote its brand during these two big events in Brazil. The main idea was to create a campaign to inspire Brazil to color the country (common local tradition during world cups, in which Brazilians paint streets and walls and hang the country's flag in various places so as to encourage the nation to cheer for the Brazilian soccer team).  

We translated this concept in various ways, starting with coloring one of Coca Cola's most emblematic icons: the Coke can.

Coca Cola's digital platform had various tools, such as an app that used webcams and/or photos to apply 3D team-based masks to faces; this feature was created before snapchat developed a similar tool. Along with being able to download and print stencils to paint streets, communities and homes, users could also personalize their profiles on social networks.

We also created differentiated OHH; moreover, we painted the baggage terminal at the Tom Jobim Airport and the Maracanã Stadium.  Through these mediums, an invitation was made: "Let's all color Brazil together."

Film, digital, print, POS, alternative outdoor and event.



Agency: Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo, Plusmedia, Tátil
Creative team: Arthur Daraujo, Luiz Filipin, Juliana Leal, Ezequiel Soules, Martin Insua, Pedro Izique
Creative direction: Ezequiel Soules, Martin Insua, Icaro Doria, Guillermo Vega
Scene Direction: Jones + Tino
Design: Arthur Daraujo (Wieden Kennedy), Antonio Guerra (Plusmedia)
Illustration: Arthur Daraujo, Speto


NEW aberturas_bici1NEW aberturas_bici1


To promote the new 24/7 Automatic Bike System service in the City of Buenos Aires, we created a campaign with a nonstop feeling that mirrored that of the product. Inspired by a spinning bicycle tire, our characters had a round form, with features designed with a subtle pattern of circular lines that imparted a sense of motion. Even the tagline’s hand-drawn typeface looked as if it was written by the bicycle chain in the illustration.

Print and outdoor.



Agency: The Community
Creative Team: Fernando Reis, Guilherme Nóbrega, Marcelo Padoca, Arthur Daraujo
Creative Direction: Fernando Reis, Marcelo Padoca, Joaquín Mollá, José Mollá
Illustration: Arthur Daraujo


NEW aberturas_nikeOSBNEW aberturas_nikeOSB


Six months before Brazil was to host the World Cup, we launched an integrated campaign that highlighted the fact that every player on the Brazilian national team sees the game differently. Through this campaign, we focused on the individual mindset of each player on the Brazilian National Team.
To create buzz before the campaign and develop the idea, we created a series of silhouettes of the players' heads and sent a package of stickers, posters and stencils to influencers and street artists thoughout Brazil.
Once the campaign launched with the film, we revealed the mindsets of each player of the Brazilian National Team through out of home and digital. At the same time, we launched a silhouette maker through nike.com where users could create their own silhouette and mindset, share their creation on social media and purchase their customized t-shirts.

Film, digital, print, POS, alternative outdoor and events.



Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, São Paulo
Creative team: Vitor Amos, Arthur Daraujo, Bruno Barbieri, Diogo Valim, Pedro Izique
Creative direction: Blake Kidder, Patrick Almaguer, Icaro Doria, Guillermo Vega
Scene Direction: Daniel Kleinman
Edition: Steve Gandolfi
Post House: Framestore
Animation: Thierry Marchand over Rafael Grampá's concepts



2NEW aberturas_forbes2NEW aberturas_forbes


The challenge for this project was to launch the very first edition of Forbes Brazil in a manner that would directly impact the magazine's readers and establish Forbes Brazil as an exclusive publication for selected readers. We developed a series of infographic posters inspired by famous billionaires; more than 539 unique icons  illustrate what the world would have missed if these people had not existed. The 'Invisible' billionaires were created with a mix of photo and 3D works.

Print and outdoor.



Agency: Ogilvy & Mather São Paulo
Creative Team: Marcelo Padoca, Arthur Daraujo, Fernando Reis
Creative Direction: Eduardo Marques, Fred Saldanha, Claudio Lima
Illustration: Arthur Daraujo
Typography: Fernando Reis


NEW aberturas_caixaNEW aberturas_caixa


During the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Caixa, Brazil's biggest bank and a sponsor of various Olympic and Paralympic athletes, called in the country's most famous rappers to share their stories of struggle, effort and success in animated videoclips . The music of the clip was included in a playlist provided by Caixa for the athletes' workouts.
I was invited to develop the key visuals for the animations alongside the films' director.

Film, print, digital.


Agency: nova/sb
Creative Team: Duda Salles, Filipe Fontes, Evelinne Portilho, Humberto Cunha, Sávio Marques,  Mateus Bassan, Vinícius Ervilha
Creative Direction: Antonio Batista, Thomaz Munster
Film Key Visual: Arthur Daraujo, Alexandre Chalabi
Illustration: Arthur Daraujo, Adriana Stolfi, Bruno Miranda, Adams Carvalho, João Pinheiro
Typography: Arthur Daraujo
Animation Direction: Dani e Chalas - Piloto.tv
Songs: Projota, Rashid, Karol Conká, Rincon Sapiência e Negra Li


NEW aberturas_nikeYELLOWNEW aberturas_nikeYELLOW


Nike sponsors five of the biggest brazilian soccer club teams. Leading up to the World Cup in 2014, the company created new yellow Jerseys for each club in homage to the national team; these yellow jerseys oftentimes were very different than those originally worn by the teams. But, in a country where football fans love their local teams more than their mothers, the new jersey was a reason for controversy. 

To promote the new jerseys, the campaign proposed a series of illustrations featuring the Brazilian national mascot, the canary, and the mascots of each team with the question:

Which do you love more, your club or your national team? Now you can cheer for both.

Print, social media and outdoor.



Agency: Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo
Creative Team: Kako Mendez, Pedro Izique, Arthur Daraujo, Edgard Guimaraes,
Thiago Barbieri, Andre Almeida, Andrea Souza, Rodrigo Sganzerla
Creative Direction: Blake Kidder, Patrick Almaguer, Icaro Doria, Guillermo Vega 
Illustration: Arthur Daraujo


NEW aberturas_bici2NEW aberturas_bici2


Upon researching the community, we realized that the reason many new cyclists do not follow traffic laws is because they fail to alter their pedestrian behavior when they switch from walking to cycling. In other words, they keep thinking like pedestrians. To bring this insight to life, we created the campaign “Don’t Act Like Pedestrian” and designed three different characters inspired by the way many people act when they are on bikes – like pedestrians.

Print and outdoor.



Agency: The Community
Creative Team: Fernando Reis, Guilherme Nóbrega, Marcelo Padoca, Arthur Daraujo
Creative Direction: Fernando Reis, Marcelo Padoca, Joaquín Mollá, José Mollá
Illustration: Arthur Daraujo


NEW aberturas_cirocNEW aberturas_ciroc
ciroc 1ciroc 1

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo
Creative team: Eddy Guimaraes, Kako Mendez, Carolina Velloso, Gabriel Guedelha, Pedro Izique, Arthur Daraujo, Rodrigo Sganzerla
Creative direction: Icaro Doria, Guilhermo Vega 
Scene Direction: Gil Inoue, Pedro Izique
Edition: Alexandre Paschoalini, Arthur Daraujo


NEW aberturas_ambevNEW aberturas_ambev


For Oktuberfest, a party in Brazil, Ambev wanted to step away from images of drunkenness and clichés of German culture, that Brazilians commonly associate with parties, and recover what it felt was most important: the culture of appreciation of beer. To accomplish this task, they promoted a campaign with film, 50 different labels of beers, and a series of actions including a mega festival with talks, courses, music and gastronomy.

I was called to develop the key visuals of the campaign with craft spirit, all in woodcut - a German typical tradition in honor of the origins of the fest itself.



Video Case in portuguese (sorry).


Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky Brasil
Creative Team: Erick Mendonça, Marcelo Rizerio
Creative Direction: Andre Kassu e Marcos Medeiros
Key Visual and illustrations: Arthur Daraujo 
Animation Direction: Dani&Chalas - Piloto.tv
Hotsite: bull digital


NEW aberturas_timNEW aberturas_tim


Let’s talk about something else - unlimited fun

The campaign is based on the notion that if a person has an unlimited phone plan, at a certain point in time, he/she will run out of topics With that in mind, we created a digital platform full of silly things. From films to a meme generator, the campaign made a change to the perception of the brand by its target audience, going from bad comments to good laughs. 

Film and digital.



Agency: Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo
Creative team: Luiz Filipin, Pedro Izique, Arthur Daraujo
Creative Direction: Icaro Doria, Guillermo Vega
Digital Creative Direction: Pedro Gravena
Scene Direction: Jonathan Gurvit - Primo Buenos Aires
Hotsite: Fernando Kreigne